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Cosmetic Treatments

Facials for Men and Women
Massages for the face, scalp and neck are effective in alleviating headaches and neck pain by reducing tension.
The facial massage is also designed to restore or maintain the appearance of the skin.

Body Mask
A body mask generally removes the surface layers of dead skin. Additionally it moisturizes, refreshes, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.
It is very relaxing and beneficial for the skin.

Body Scrub
Body Scrub is a procedure that removes dead skin layers thus exposing the soft young skin below.
Body peeling therapy deals with special materials designed to remove the superficial skin layers and create a new healthy,
fresh and young skin layer.

Treatment of Face, Hands & Feet
Face, hands and feet therapy will slow the appearance of wrinkles and protect the skin against premature aging.
Enjoy this professional therapy in a quiet, calm, and completely private atmosphere with warmth and personal attention.

List of Massages (45/60 min.)

Swedish massage uses aromatic oils for relaxation and enjoyment.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage focuses on the tissue in certain areas of the body that is more vulnerable to infections, injuries and bruises.
These areas include most of the joints and muscle groups often used by athletes.

Reflexology is an alternative medical treatment method that uses the feet to release blocked energy and help alleviate pain.

Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi originated in Hawaii and is designed to relax and reduce stress and increase energy.

Various Massage (60 min.)

Hot Stones
Hot Stones is an Indian massage technique combining treatment of heated pebbles with a variety of oils.

Acupuncture is a healing method based on Chinese medicine theory which places needles in the body at optimal acupuncture points.
This doctrine is based on thousands of years of experience in medicine.

Aromatic Massage
Aromatic Massage is a relaxing massage using essential oils prepared from aromatic plants.
These oils have a therapeutic effect. Additionally, the highly fragrant oils provide an enjoyable experience.

Cupping Massage
Cupping massage is a traditional treatment which was common in Europe and other parts of the world but today is
used primarily in Chinese medicine.
Cups of various materials are placed on the skin and is designed to help blood circulation and healing.
This type of massage is used in traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of muscle spasms and in the early stages of colds.

Thai Massage
Thai massage based on Chinese medicine philosophies which uses principles of Yin-Yang balance to achieve “energy”
in the body and the soul.

French Massage
The aim of the French massage is to loosen muscles, especially after physical activity. The massage is suitable mainly for
athletes orpeople who engage in vigorous physical activity on a regular basis, but anyone can experience this stimulating massage.

Tuina Massage
Tui Na uses rhythmic compression along energy channels of the body as well as a variety of techniques that manipulate and lubricate the joints.
One of Tui Na’s advantages over simple massage is its ability to focus on specific problems, especially chronic pain associated with the
muscles, joints, and skeletal system. It is especially effective for joint pain (such as arthritis), sciatica, muscle spasms, and pain in the back,
neck, and shoulders.
It also helps chronic conditions such as insomnia, constipation, headaches (including migraines), and the tension associated with stress.

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