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Renovation and excavation works are being carried out in the hotel and its surroundings – Thank you for your understanding. 

The outdoor pool and the hotel’s spa (including the indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and gym) are temporarily closed until further notice.

Jerusalem Gardens Hotel

Terms & Conditions


The Website provides information regarding Jerusalem Gardens Hotel (hereinafter: the “Hotel”)

Ordering hotel overnight or other services in the hotel is possible by calling the hotel’s reservation center by phone 02-6558811 or by means of this website.

Any user and/or who orders vacation packages and/or other services through this site, declares that he has read these terms and conditions and that It agrees to all its provisions and conditions, without any restriction or reservation.

Some of the site’s content is written in the masculine form for convenience only, but is intended for both men and women.


In these Terms and Conditions, each term in this section shall have the meaning given on its side below and is when no other intention is implied by the content

The matter or the context of things: “Website” or “Website”: The Website at –;

“The Company”: KedemJerusalem Hotel Company Ltd. – H.P. 512319229

The “Hotel” or “The Hotel” The Jerusalem Gardens Hotel, located at 4 Zeev Vilnai Street, Jerusalem 9611002, and is owned by it – and in the management of the company.

“User” or “Purchaser”: Any person (who is not a corporation or business) who surfs and/or views the Site and/or invites a vacation and/or- Services through the Site and/or otherwise uses the Site and/or the information contained therein.

“Services” Booking vacations, accommodation packages and other services offered by the Company on the Website. –

“Use of the Site” Browsing and/or viewing the Site and/or booking a vacation and/or ordering other services through the Site – and/or through the ordering system and/or the purchase of products through the Site and/or other use of the Site and/or in the information contained therein.

The ownership and protection of the Company’s rights is the owner of the Site and of any othermodule connected to the Site. It is forbidden to copy, photograph, publish, distribute, sell or modify any part of the information appearing on the Site, except with the written permission of the Company, except for download-download that will be used personally, not commercially. In addition, and without derogating from the generality of the rights, the Company owns all proprietary rights including, but not limited to the copyrights of the logos, trademarks and icons displayed on the Website (hereinafter: “Trademarks”). In addition, no part of this website implies and/or constitutes an approval or right to use in the trademarks, except with the written permission of the company. All rights to this site, without exception, are reserved exclusively for the company. The Company reserves the right to disable and/or change the Site at any time.

To link to or display the Site – and/or pages thereof and/or part thereof and/or any information thereof on other sites on the Internet, including but not limited to the form of a link, it is necessary to obtain written permission from the Company.

Terms of use of the website

Any user with a valid credit card, issued by one of the following credit card companies, may

Purchase services through the site. The credit card companies are as follows: Visa Cal, Visa Alpha, Visa Leumi, and Mastercard. The buyer may use the site only to place orders, purchase services and / or receive information. The Site may not be used for other purposes. Illegal use of the Site and any information contained therein violates copyright or related laws. The Company reserves the right to change the rules of use of the Site, at any time. Any dispute, if and when it arises, will be decided in the competent courts of the city of Jerusalem only and the law applicable to the provisions of these Regulations is Israeli law and only it.

Details of the services purchased

A user who wishes to purchase services through the site will be required to provide personal details (hereinafter: “purchase details”). The company and/or the operators and/or the owners and/or the managers and/or those who work on their behalf, are not responsible for any human error

of the user, when typing the details of the purchase, including an error in the choice of room type, date, number of beds and any other service ordered by the buyer through the site. The Company shall not be liable in any way, directly and/or indirectly, if the details of the purchase have not been recorded in the system, and/or for any technical or other problem that prevents the User from purchasing services through the site. It should be clarified that entering false purchase details is a criminal offense. Against keying false details Legal action will be taken, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the Company, the Site, its operators and/or

To any of its owners and / or managers and / or anyone on their behalf.

Making a reservation

Please enter the details of a valid credit card owned by the user. It is clarified that entering credit card details is not constitutes payment for placing the order but is a guarantee in the hands of the company to ensure the fulfillment of the order by the user.

In any case, payment for the reservation is made at the time of the accommodation at the hotel itself and not through the website.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in executing the order, the user confirms and gives irrevocable permission to the company and/or anyone on its behalf

Make use of the credit card details for the purpose of charging the user, if he violates the conditions of the reservation and / or will be Owed to the hotel and / or the company and / or anyone on its behalf, funds for ordering services and / or products and / or for damages and / or other charges to which he is supposed to be liable by law. The Company and/or the related companies and/or the Hotel and/or anyone on their behalf, they will use the credit card details in any case of a charge for canceling the reservation and/or changing the reservation and/or Failure to show up at the time of the accommodation, in case of a reservation that has not been cancelled, etc., in accordance with the billing fees specified below In these terms and conditions. In addition, the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf will use the credit card details and will charge the User with all

A case of debt and / or debit and / or damage that he owes in their payment to the company and / or the hotel and / or anyone on their behalf.

“Special requests” for the hotel in this window, in the reservation form, the user may enter additional comments and requests – OK hotel. It is hereby emphasized that the entry of comments in the order form by the user does not impose any obligation

The Company and/or the Hotel must respond to these comments and/or requests and that in any case the response to the user’s requests will be made, if any, in accordance with the Hotel’s policy and at the hotel’s sole discretion.

It should be clarified that the Company does not undertake, and cannot commit, inter alia for security reasons, to a room number or number Specific floor.

Order confirmation

After entering all the details of the order and complying with the instructions and guidelines of the site and the regulations, the user will receive an order confirmation Official, which constitutes a reference to the completion of the reservation in the reservation system on the site (hereinafter referred to as “order confirmation”). It is hereby clarified thateach order receives a serial number that is stored in the Company’s order system (hereinafter the “Serial Number”), For internal tracking and registration purposes. In addition to the serial number, the order confirmation also contains a summary of the order details, the cost of the reservation and information regarding the possibility of canceling the order and other services.

It is hereby clarified that the information appearing in the reservation confirmation is concise and in any case the reservation will be subject to the provisions of these regulations, The instructions on the site and the conditions accepted by the company regarding the execution and cancellation of orders. The order confirmation will also be sent to the user via e-mail, insofar as it was delivered by the user.

The user must print out the booking confirmation and present it upon arrival at the hotel. It should be emphasized that presenting the booking confirmation to me

Hotel representatives constitute a condition for checking in to the hotel check-in in accordance with the conditions and prices quoted on the booking confirmation.

Only after completing the order fully and receiving an order confirmation through the site and by e-mail, will be considered the user as such has completed the reservation, and all subject to the terms of the site and its instructions as well as to the conditions accepted at the hotel Regarding the execution of reservations.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User declares that he is aware that the Company reserves the right not to approve the reservation or to cancel it even after its approval, at its sole discretion. The buyer will have no claim and/or claim and/or demand against the company in this matter.

For any questions and/or changes, you can contact the site’s reservations center at 02-6558811 or by e-mail at

It is hereby emphasized that placing an order through the reservation system is a binding procedure for all intents and purposes, and is identical to all

An examination that is for the reservation of rooms and / or other service from the company by any other means, including by telephone in front of the reservation center department of the company.

The confirmation of the reservation and the right to redeem the services according to the reservation is given to the user personally, and not to any third party.

The user undertakes, therefore, not to transfer the right according to the invitation to any third party and/or to allow use in confirmation of the order to any third party, and to immediately inform the company of any unauthorized use of such order.

For any order to be recorded in the company’s system in a proper and orderly manner, it is necessary to make sure to type in all the details The correct ones, clearly. The Company and/or the Hotel and/or anyone acting on their behalf are not responsible, directly or indirectly, for the event that the details of the order were not recorded on the site and / or for errors of the user and / or for any technical and / or other problem that prevents the

The User must place an order and/or order other services and/or products through the Site.

It is hereby clarified that placing an order through the Site is subject to the approval of the credit card company relevant to the reservation. If the credit card company refuses to give confirmation of any reservation, the company will May reject the reservation, and charge the user a cancellation fee, as detailed below. The company will be entitled, but is not obligated, to give the cardholder notice regarding the refusal of the credit card company to approve the reservation and stay

To arrange the issuance of confirmation regarding the reservation by the credit card company, moves to the rejection of the reservation by it. – – Policy regarding cancellation and/or modification of reservations. Cancellation of orders is subject to the provisions of section 14c of the Consumer Protection Law 1981. Without derogating from the aforesaid, any person who cancels his reservation less than 48 hours before the expected date of arrival will be charged one night as a cancellation fee. During the Jewish holidays such asPassover, Shavuot and Sukkot, andon the datesbetween times, the reservation can be canceled up to 7 days before the date of arrival.

If a buyer made a reservation and did not arrive at the hotel without a cancellation notice, he will be charged the price of one night. All this and we will not choose Price list with different cancellation conditions.

The Company reserves the right to change the policy regarding reservations and/or their cancellation at any time (including holidays). A notice will be sent to the buyer at the time of ordering.

“Change of reservation” A change in a reservation made by the user of the site, by way of adding a reservation for other services –

and/or additional, subject to the law and the terms of these regulations, after the user has placed an order through the reservation system of

The site, and after it has confirmed the order, in accordance with its terms and conditions in full, and received an order confirmation in the garden. For the avoidance of doubt, any change that a user requests to make regarding the reduction of the services that are the subject of the original reservation (including reducing the number of rooms in the framework of the reservation and/or reducing the number of guests and/or reducing the days of accommodation (will not be considered as a “change of reservation” but as a “cancellation of the reservation” as detailed above. –

A reservation change made up to 48 hours prior to the arrival date at the hotel will not be charged a change fee. Change of less than 48

Hours and until arrival time at the hotel will be charged the price of the first night. During the holiday periods of Passover, Sukkot and 19.12 to 1.1

Of the new year there will be no charge if the change is made up to 7 days before the day of arrival.

It is clarified that the Company has no obligation to accept a change of order, and such change will be subject to the Company’s discretion and its ability to take upon itself the implementation of the requested change.

Terms & Conditions

The company reserves the right to cancel or change the conditions regarding the receipt of orders, as well as the prices published on the site, from time to time. The User shall have no claim and/or claim and/or demand against the Company in the matter It is.

The prices listed on the website are in shekels and include VAT.

The hotel stay will begin at 15:00 of the first day specified in the reservation and will continue until 12:00 on the day of departure.

Early check-in and/or late check-out to the hotel is subject to an additional charge.

Children and youth under the age of 18 can only be accommodated when accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. Reservation of rooms at the hotel is

For adults over the age of 18 only.

When it comes to staying in a baby hotel, those who are up to two years old will be considered and a child will be between two and twelve years old.

The number of rooms is limited, and reservation is subject to availability only.

The company reserves the right not to confirm reservations for specific dates, including arrival and departure on a specific day.

Information and pictures on the website

On the site you will find information on behalf of the company and information on behalf of third parties. The Company is not responsible for the content and/or the essence of the

The information and/or the publications appearing on the Site. All images appearing on the site are for illustration purposes only. Because and the images are displayed on the user’s computer screen and/or printed by the user, there may be gaps and differences between the appearance of the products in the picture and their real appearance.


The Website contains links to other websites (hereinafter: “Linked Sites”). The Company provides links these are for the convenience of the user only and is not responsible for the content appearing on the linked sites, or on linked sites to the linked sites. If the user decides to access these sites, he does so at his own risk.

Changes to the Website

The Company may, from time to time, change the structure, contents, external form, terms of use as well as scope and availability

The services appearing on the Site, and any aspect relating to the Site and its operation, without the obligation to give advance notice thereof user.

Privacy Protection

The company will be entitled to keep the details provided by the user and additional information that will accumulate about him in the database

The company’s information and use it in accordance with the provisions of any law.

The Company uses accepted means of information security on the Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is hereby clarified that the

The Company must block and/or prevent in a certain and absolute manner unauthorized intrusion into the databases, and the User hereby waives any claim and/or claim against the Company in this regard, provided that the Company has taken reasonable measures to prevent such unauthorized intrusion.

The Company shall be entitled to make use of the User’s details, to enter into a contract with the User and update him on the matter.

Promotions on the Site and/or regarding additional services offered by the Company or by third parties. Company May use the above information for marketing purposes and / or as part of statistical data collected by it for the needs of the Company and/or as part of data transferred to third parties, subject to the fact that this information will not identify the user has his name or identity information. The user declares and confirms that he is aware that the content of the information, which will be sent to him, has, and will include an “advertisement”, as it means

In the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), 5742 – 1982, and he agrees to send it to him. Also, the user is aware that in all-

When he can disconnect from receiving this information by sending a written notice to the fax number –02-6558811 or by mail 


The Company owns the copyright in the Site and any other module associated with the Site. cannot be copied, duplicated,

Publish, distribute, sell or modify portions of information appearing on this website without the written permission of the company. Except

In cases of downloading for personal and non-commercial use.

Company Limited Liability, Compensation and Indemnification

The user declares that he is aware that the company takes all the accepted precautions to keep as much as possible It is possible to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information found on the site, but due to the nature of the Internet and network malfunctions

And computers, there may be malfunctions that are not under the control of the company and / or resulting from force majeure and the company and / or who Its owners and/or any of its managers and/or any of its employees and/or anyone on its behalf and/or anyone on their behalf will not be liable for any damage of any kind that is, indirect or direct, caused to the user and/or anyone on his behalf due to any use of the site and/or if such information will be lost and/or if used unauthorized.

The Company and/or any of the site operators and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on their behalf are not responsible for the fact that the server,

Through which the site works will be free of viruses or other components that may harm the personal computer of the user at the time it enters the site and/or uses the site.

The Company is not responsible and will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by a malfunction and/or delay, caused due to the length of time the user tried to use the site, including for the purpose of placing an order.

The Company is not responsible and will not be responsible for the content and nature of the information presented and published on the Site belonging to and/or originating and/or written and/or published by any third parties and/or taken from sources that do not belong

The Company, and the User shall have no claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or any of its employees and/or anyone on its behalf and/or anyone on their behalf in respect thereof.

The Company shall not be liable for any illegal activity by any user of the Site or by any other party

which is beyond its control.

The Company will be entitled to immediately block the services and the use of the Site if the User has used the Site and/or services contrary to the requirements of any law and/or contrary to the provisions of these regulations or for any other reasonable reason.

The Company may transfer and/or assign its rights and obligations under these Articles of Association, in whole or in part, to any party,

Without the need for the user’s consent and without the need to give any notice in this regard.

The user is not entitled to transfer and/or transfer his rights and/or obligations under these regulations, in whole or in part, to a party

Any third, without obtaining the company’s prior written consent to do so.

The Company reserves the right to change the Services and/or Information and/or these Terms of Use from time to time, at its discretion

Exclusive. Any such change will be binding on the user from the moment of its publication on the site.

It is hereby clarified that only what is stated in these articles of association will be binding on the company.

These Regulations shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel and only they. The sole place of jurisdiction for any matter relating to these Terms of Use and/or

For use of the site is for the authorized courts in the Jerusalem District.

The User undertakes to compensate and/or indemnify the Company for any expense and/or damage caused to it due to violation of instructions these Terms and Conditions.